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Selecting the correct tacho for your bike

The Scitsu Lithium can now be switched by the user to the Sparks / Rev of the bike. This makes ordering and using very easy.

The battery will last all season, and can be replaced quickly and cheaply each year by the rider.

You only need to order the Rev scale you need.

Once you have received your tacho, just use the chart below to switch the tacho to the correct setting.

If the setting is wrong, it will be obvious - the tacho will read double or half revs. Just switch the tacho to the correct setting.

The rotary switch on the tacho has the colour coding we have always used. Just turn it where needed.

White    1 spark / 2 revs                          (e.g single 4 stroke )                
Red  1 spark / rev                               (e.g.2 stroke single / 4 stroke twin )
Blue  2 sparks / rev                              (e.g 4 stroke 4 cyl / 2 stroke twin )

If you have a triple cylinder, or V engine or if your engine fires at uneven intervals eg weslake,  cb350  please contact us before ordering.