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Below is a list of bikes and the tacho they typically use.

Please check on the ' Selecting a Tacho ' page to double check the type matches your particular setup.

Machine Ignition Sparks per Rev Tacho Type Connect to Leads
British 4str singles, B50, B40, B44, Gold Star etc.
(without wasted spark)
Ducati singles & Ducati 888 etc. 68deg V twins
Coil 1 every 2 White 1
British type 4str singles with magneto.
V twins with magneto.
Manx, Gold Star etc.
Magneto 1 every 2 Yellow 1
Most Single cyl 2strokes.

British 4str singles , B50, B40, B44, Gold Star etc. & unit twins (360 deg crank) also BMW twins using the later coil ignition system with wasted spark.

Rotax twin, Guzzi V twins,
Ducati singles,
Ducati V twins with wasted spark.
2 stroke V twins.

Japanese 4str parallel twins.
Japanese 4str singles.
Laverda triples (connect to 1 lead only)
Coil 1 Red All
British twins Magneto 1 Black Both
Kawasaki triple - 2str
Suzuki GT triples - 2 stroke
Zeger triple
120 deg. 2str triple -
120 deg 4str triple with wasted spark. (firing every 120 deg.)

BSA & Triumph triple & 4 stroke triples with 120deg cranks and wasted spark ignition.
Coil 3 Green All

Honda CB125 180 deg. with two contact sets driven off of the crankshaft.
Honda K3 & K4 with Motoplat or PVL ignition (off crankshaft, wasted spark).
Japanese 4str fours except V's & without mag fitted.
Japanese 2str twins: TZ250/350
RD250/350, Banshee etc.
4 cyl 2str TZ50/750. RG500

Coil 2 Blue
2 - One from each coil
e.g 1 & 2
or 3 & 4
BSA & Triumph triple & 4 stroke triples with 120deg cranks and non wasted spark ignition. Coil 3 every 2 Orange All
80 deg. Twins.
Honda K3 & K4 (off camshaft)
& Nourish Weslake
VINCENT V twin with new BTH FM2RV
Indian V Twin

Coil 1 Brown All